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Click "SHOP" tab above to purchase this 2020 Special Edition of Roger Dean Craig's When They Kill a President. This is the first time Craig's manuscript has been published into a paperback. It includes a foreword written by first generation JFK assassination researcher, author, and personal friend of Craig, the legendary J. Gary Shaw. This book also has a preface written by best-selling author Donald Jeffries, and contains never before published photos of Roger Craig, and a few other surprises. 

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Black op radio interview w/ author steve cameron

This is an excerpt from Black Op Radio (Show #973). Host Len Osanic interviews Steve Cameron about his new explosive JFK assassination book called The Deputy Interviews about former Dallas Deputy Sheriff, Roger Dean Craig. Original airdate: January 9th, 2020. 

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 New video promo for Steve Cameron's new true crime book about the JFK assassination called The Deputy Interviews: The True Story of J.F.K. Assassination Witness, and Former Dallas Deputy Sheriff, Roger Dean Craig.  

About Me

Steve Cameron's Bio

Steve Cameron is a writer, producer, and public speaker from Los Angeles, CA, who has worked both behind, and in front of the camera since 1996.  He began his television career covering news, and sports in his hometown of Detroit, MI, where he also worked on many local independent film productions.  In 2000, Steve relocated to Los Angeles, and began working on films, television shows, commercials, and web-based content as a writer, producer, director, and as an actor on various films and televisions shows, such as "The Mentalist," and "C.S.I."   In 2016, Steve produced a documentary called "The Roger Craig Story," concerning J.F.K. assassination witness, and former Dallas Deputy Sheriff, Roger Dean Craig, who reported numerous events that occurred in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, that dramatically contradict the Warren Commission's conclusions of what happened that day.  In 1975, Craig was found shot to death under very mysterious circumstances, shortly before he was able to testify to staff members of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, who were in the process of reopening the case.  Steve is also currently producing an upcoming feature film about Roger Craig, with fellow filmmaker Stephen Cyrus Sepher ("Heist" w/ Robert De Niro, "Run of the Hitman" w/ Bruce Willis), called “The Deputy” (now in-development), and has also written a new book about Craig's life called “The Deputy Interviews,” which is now available on Amazon:


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The Deputy script written by Stephen C. Sepher, Steve Cameron, Frank Lyon.  Book by Steve Cameron.

Author Steve Cameron on THE DEPUTY feature film:

 "I held some meetings with a professional filmmaker, and screenwriter named Stephen C. Sepher, to write the script with me, along with our co-producer and mutual friend, Frank Lyon... And when I first approached him with the idea to make a film centered around the assassination, Stephen told me he was a big fan of the 1973 film Executive Action, a conspiracy film about the assassination, starring Burt Lancaster, and written by Dalton Trumbo.  And so, I gave Stephen all the information I had about Roger Craig, and he became very excited to write about his story. He also wrote and produced a film called Heist a couple years back, that starred Robert De Niro, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and David Bautista from Guardians of the Galaxy. And Heist dealt with underworld mob figures, and police corruption. And so, after I watched it, I knew Stephen C. Sepher was the right person for this project.  So, we partnered up to develop Roger Craig’s story into a film script, that we’ve named The Deputy. And he did a fabulous job with it. " (The Deputy Interviews pp. 77,78) 

THE DEPUTY (Bio pic)


(Bio pic) In 1960 Roger Dean Craig received the Deputy Sheriff of the Year award in Dallas.  In 1963 he witnesses the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the cover up that derails his life.  Based on a true story.

A message from screenwriter Stephen C. Sepher:

"Hello, my name is Stephen C. Sepher, screenwriter of The Deputy about Roger Dean Craig.  When Steve and Frank first brought me the project, I didn't know anything about the man.  And when I started doing research about the facts, and the timing of everything that took place, I started to realize that the truth was not revealed, and history was not revealed properly.  We managed to put a screenplay together.  It's an amazing story about an American hero.  I hope you enjoy it."

VIDEO: Inside The Matrix w/ Steve Cameron & Roger Craig Jr.

Las Vegas radio station KCOR's "Inside the Matrix" hosted by Jimi Brent: "This show today is just going to blow your mind if you are into finding out the truth on the JFK Assassination. This week, Steve Cameron author of, "The Deputy Interviews" and the son of the heroic Dallas Deputy Sheriff, Roger Dean Craig Jr. joined the show. To say the information in this book might just rewrite history would be an understatement."

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